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    PriceList for China High Voltage Porcelain Expulsion Drop Fuse Cut-out

    HRW12 series drop fuses are widely used in the primary side of 10-36kV distribution line transformer as backup protection and for system and equipment switching operation. These series are installed on the 10-36kV distribution line branch line, which can reduce the power outage range, because it has an obvious disconnection point and has the function of isolation switch, which creates a safe working environment for the maintenance section of the line and equipment.?Shutdown and power transmission operations are allowed even in the case of load.
    Our products are reasonable in design, safe and reliable, easy to use, and its performance conforms to the national standard IEC 60282-2.

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    Product Detail

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    Use environment

    1. The altitude shall not exceed 3000m;
    2. There is no conductive dust and corrosive flammable and explosive gas in the surrounding air environment;
    3. The height above the ground is 0-30m, and the maximum wind speed is 35m/s; The height above the ground is 30-50m, and the maximum wind speed is 45m/s.
    4. The earthquake intensity shall not exceed magnitude 5;
    5. The annual temperature difference ratio is within -5℃+ 45 ℃.

    How it works

    When HRW12 drop type fuse works, the moving contact is pushed into the groove part of the static contact pressing reed, and the spring force on the pressing reed is firmly stuck in the pressing spring.When the short-circuit current passes through the fuse link, an arc will be generated. The steel paper tube inside the tube will generate a lot of gas under the action of the arc, and the arc will be used to extinguish when the current passes zero. As the fuse link is fused, the pressing reed rapidly pushes out the moving contact under the action of spring force, which makes the fuse tube drop rapidly, breaks the circuit, and cuts off the faulty line or equipment.


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